Residential Services

Custom Lighting Design

Put your personal touch of design in your home with custom lighting. Let your Pinterest dreams go wild when working with Element Electric. We can bring your fixer upper to date with upgraded fixtures, or we can customize your homes lighting from the drawing board. Call Element Electric for all custom lighting design needs.

24-hour Emergency Response

Emergencies do not always fall in the business hours of nine to five. Therefore, having Element Electric on speed dial is so important. Our team is ready and on-call during the most inconvenient hours of the night because we understand and value our customer relationships. When emergencies strike, remember Element Electric is here for you!

Service Call

If you’re experiencing electrical problems in your home give our team at Element Electric a call! Getting your electrical problem checked out by our professional team is vital to you and your family’s safety. Depending on your electrical problem, it could cause you or your home harm, or maybe your electrical issue is effecting your electrical bill. Always be safe than sorry when it comes to electrical problems and your homes safety, call our professional team at Element TODAY!

New Construction

Are you in the beginning process of building your dream home? The professionals at Element Electric can help you in any electrical related way throughout your new home’s construction. From custom lighting design to installing the best of the best Smart home integration and automation system. With wireless technology rising, controlling everything in your home from one devise is as easy as one touch. Let our team of professional electricians ease the headaches that new home construction can bring. Let’s hit the drawing board! 907-331-4266


Whether you purchased a fixer upper home or your looking to liven up your existing home, we can bring your older home to life! With our team being so diverse, this allows us to take part in many roles when it comes to home remodels and home construction. In many cases homeowners will find themselves contacting multiple contractors to take care of one project. At Element Electric, we take care of A to Z leaving you enjoying the remodel process.

Solar and Wind Integration

Why pay for electricity if you’re a good candidate for solar or wind integration? The efficiency of a solar panel depends on placement. An example would be, if a solar panel sat on a spot where it calls all the solar irradiation receiving 100 percent energy, that solar panel should be able to convert 15 to 20 percent into solar energy. Now wind turbines can convert almost half the wind hitting them into electrical power. The other benefit to wind turbines, it can work 24 hours a day, appose to solar which is 100 percent defendant on sunlight. Ready to step into the future? 907-331-4266

General Contracting

Element Electric takes care of every element of every project. What does that mean? When you run into a plumbing issue during a smart home upgrade, you won’t be left with the burden of trying to find a credible and trusted plumber. You have the professionals at Element Electric for every bump in the road, leaving you stress free. Life is busy and home projects are time consuming, leave the general contracting to Element Electric.


Our Element team has decades of experience with electrical design, electrical installs, electrical maintenance, and all electrical repairs to the electrical systems and products used in residential homes. When it comes to your family’s safety, keep the electrical projects to the professions of over 20 years of experience at Element Electric.

Audio and Video

Element Electric has audio and video at our fingertips with our home theater demo room. Whether you’re interested in a home theater yourself, or you would like to add quality sound and video to your home, our team can set you up to never miss a line in a movie again! Technology is ever growing, and our team keeps up to bring you the quality sound and visual you’re looking to enjoy. We can install a very simple quality audio and/or video to your home, or we can install a smart home devise that will control every room in your home by one touch. Your call, but first call Element Electric to discuss your ideas. 907-331-4266

Custom Home Theaters

Come on, admit it, you’ve always wanted to sit in your pjs with your family and enjoy a movie at home in your very own home theater? This does not have to be a dream! Element Electric invites you to our EE Home Demo Theater. Here you can experience what it would be like to hear a movie with quality audio and video built right into your home. Let’s meet and talk about what options you have and ask us about our Element Electric financing options.

Security Systems

Unfortunately we are all at risk to become a victim to theft. Be one step ahead with a security system to bring you and your family comfort at all hours of the day. Package thieves are a very real thing, don’t fall victim to someone stealing a package off your front porch. Our team can set up a small simple security system or we can cover every inch of your homes frame with a top of the line security system. Call EE today and ask about our financing options.

Control and Automation

What is control and automation? Home automation is having control of every aspect of our house with one touch! Imagine arriving home and your shades automatically close, lights turn on, and your favorite playlist begins playing…. now that is the welcome home you’re looking for! If you travel, you’ll find the remote control of your audio and video security system very handy giving you the stress-free lifestyle. Never wonder again if you locked the doors, closed the windows or closed the garage. Control all aspects of your home with a one touch control and automation.

Excavating and Landscaping

Let’s get those yard projects completed with our experienced team at Element Electric. That open space in your yard can be utilized in so many ways. Our team can add a garden or green house, trimmings and brushes, or dig up and complete that project you might have bitten off more than you can chew. Doing landscaping and excavation work to your lawn can be very dangerous if you do not have experience. Gas, water, and electrical lines are dug underground, and most times not marked. You could hit a gas or electrical line and put everyone’s lives at risk. Stay safe and call our professional team at EE today! 907-331-4266

Paint and Sheetrock Repair

Your home settles over time and this can result with cracks in your sheetrock and walls. Have you ever looked in the corners of your doors and walls or around the edges of windows? These are very common areas you will find the most cracks in your sheetrock. With the experience of our Element Electric team, this is a common project we get calls for from our valued clients. We will paint match your exact wall color leaving your walls looking brand new. Sheetrock can be damaged in many ways, from earthquake damage to kids being the earthquake, but there’s one solution, Element Electric! For any sheetrock or paint repair projects large or simple, call our EE team 907-331-4266


Tile install and repair work can go wrong very fast without the right knowledge and/or tools. Our Team is equipped with both decades of knowledge and high-end tools to get the job right the first time. Installing tile floors and tile backsplash can be difficult due to size and variation. A tile sample at the store can vary in texture, color, size, and can even be shipped from the manufacturer with visual tile defects. These scenarios can be a headache when tile work is not your specialty. Our team handles all aspects of your project so when we run across tile install issues, the headache is our job. Let’s chat tile! 907-331-4266


Element Electric specializes in all different types of flooring and for all areas and rooms in your home. When it comes to flooring the possibilities are endless. Depending on the room and what that room is exposed to, it is important to choose the right type of flooring for that room. If we are laying new flooring for your bathroom or kitchen, we would want to look specifically at flooring that will be water resistant. The kitchen and the bathroom are two great examples of rooms that are in daily contact with moisture. A flooring that is something like ceramic tiles, natural stone, linoleum, or event water resistant wood are flooring options for those rooms exposed to water and moisture. A room like your living room is a homeowner’s personal preference and budget. There are many types of carpeting, for example; wool carpet, nylon, acrylic or polyester. The more popular options for flooring, due to maintenance and upkeep, is a nice wood flooring. You can choose from two different types of hardwood flooring; finished wood or an unfinished wood. Which room and the amount of foot traffic are things to consider when choosing hardwood flooring for your home. A more affordable alternative to hardwood flooring would be engineered wood flooring and a more environmentally friendly flooring option would be linoleum. Between carpeting, tile, and wood flooring, there is many options to consider and so little time. Use the expertise and knowledge of Element Electric to get the job done correctly and efficiently. 907-331-4266

Snow Removal and Sanding

Professional snow removal service is so important, not only for the convenience, but also for safety. In the winter months snow builds up and can build up against power boxes and/or electrical. Knowing the area that is being plowed very important. You can also do landscaping damage when plowing snow incorrectly. Leave the snow removal to our professional team and you won’t have to worry about the hassle of plowing before you take the kids to school. Snow removal and sanding go hand-in-hand. From the safety of your guests who visit your home, to the convenience of getting up your steep driveway easier, our team will have your driveway sanded and plowed before the suns rise. Let’s get your home on our snow plowing and sanding schedule now.